Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton and Kirstie Sutheran


It’s BIN a hard day at the office for this tenacious trash-man, as ice on the road causes a comedic calamity of errors, sending him hurtling all over the road with his wheelie bins in tow.

Colin Rennie, from Aberdeen, Scotland will be wanting to swap his work boots for ice-skates after an icy morning left the bin-man of two years with more than just a red face.

Clutching onto two bins for dear life, the 26-year-old makes a valiant effort to traverse his way across the ice-clad road, but soon finds himself in a spot of bother.

Pushing the bins forwards attempting to use them as a counter balance, Colin is left in a comedic clamber, as the two containers slide away, while he is left hilariously flailing his legs on the spot.

Temporarily finding his footing, Colin is then sent flying head-first into the floor, knocking his head into one of wheelie bins, much to the amusement of his colleague, Mark Sim, who watches on in absolute hysterics.

Giving it one last go, Colin tries to run forward but still can’t find any traction on the slippery terrain and continues to slip backwards, before throwing the bins towards the lorry in defeat.

Colin, who escaped with nothing more than a few bumps and a dented pride, said: “I’ve been a bin man for two years and this is definitely one of the funniest days I’ve had.

“The roads were really icy everywhere and we usually have to be really careful in weather like this.

“The bin motor was sticking the whole day, as the roads were really slidey and it kept up all day.

“The sheet of ice was so hard to walk on, but it was so funny at the same time.

“It took us ages to do the whole road, there was ice everywhere.

“Think I may need to swap my boots for ice-skates to save myself next time.

“Everyone has found the whole thing as funny as we did.”