By Taniya Dutta

These incredible pictures show a bunch of ants displaying their envious acrobat skills as they carry gorgeous beach flowers-three times bigger their size-with immense ease on their head.

Ais Setiwan/ Caters News

Photographer Ais Setiwan took these pictures on a beach in Batam Island in Indonesia.

The photos feature the tiny ants carrying massive, bright flowers to their nest to extract its nectar for food.

In one picture, an ant seems to be doing a ‘high shoulder stand’ as it carries a white flower and then another ant holding another giant yellow flower.

Incredible pictures show ants displaying their ‘high shoulder stand’ skills

Ais, 26, said that he spent two hours taking the mesmerising pictures of the bright red ants as they walked carrying big flowers with remarkable ease.

Ais said: “It was inspiring to see these ants raising big flowers exceeding their weight and then walking easily. They were taking them to their nests for food.

“But what was interesting is to see this ant was not only carrying just a flower but also balancing another ant also holding a flower.

Ais Setiwan/ Caters News:

“It is truly amazing to see how much strength these tiny ants have.”