By Kristiana Hall

This mum and her cubs look BEAR-Y tired – as they take a family snooze together in the snow.

The cute polar bear family was spied all lying on top of each other for warmth as the sun slowly rose over the Western Hudson Bay in Canada.

Tim Auer / Caters News

The two young cubs, both less than one year old, were copying their mum as they wondered through the tundra and did not stop the mimicking when they fell asleep.

The pictures were taken by technical programme manager Tim Auer from Mountain View, California.

Tim, 34, said: “The sun was rising but clouds and snow blew in from the north and obscured it completely.

“So I was thrilled to start the day off with this family, two of which were cubs born earlier in the year.

Tim Auer / Caters News

“The bear family traversed the tundra, moving from nap spot to nap spot. As the mother walked, the cubs stayed close behind, and even appeared to mimic her movements.

“Occasionally one or both of the cubs would get distracted by something and break off to investigate, be it a bird, tree, or sibling.

“After crossing a frozen kettle pond they decided to stretch it out on the frozen ground and take a long nap. I watched them patiently as they napped on and off for five hours.

“Occasionally they shifted positions or adjusted themselves. But for the most part, they looked to be fast asleep for the bulk of the five hours, with interspersed playing and movement.

“Sighting an animal of any species at first light is a wonderful thing.

Tim Auer / Caters News

“It means you may have opportunity to be in a position to capture the animal under optimal lighting conditions. But more importantly a pre-dawn sighting helps you to start the day with a small victory.”