Life Video

Footage has surfaced of a woman running naked around an upmarket New Zealand suburb.

In the video, filmed on Wednesday [Dec 13] evening, a woman with long brown hair can be seen racing around a car park in Parnell, Auckland.

A witness who filmed the video said he heard screaming before he saw the woman as he walked to the train station.

He said several men tried to help the woman, who did not appear to be coherent, but backed off when she reportedly grabbed them.

The man said: “She was yelling and saying all this crazy stuff.

“There was a guy trying to help her, but she got a bit too close to him.

“She seemed a bit out of it. It was a sad sight to see.”

In the footage, a group of young men can be seen taking photos and selfies with the woman in the background.

The witness said he watched the woman for about 10 minutes before another man, who appeared to know her, came over and gave her his shirt.

Auckland City Police sergeant Mark Clayton confirmed the force were called to an incident where a woman, who was not wearing any clothes, appeared to be distressed in Parnell.

When police arrived, the woman was wearing a shirt.

Sergeant Clayton added: “Police were able to calm the woman down and she was taken into custody until she was in an appropriate condition to be released.”

The New Zealand Herald asked police for comment on the trend of bystanders videoing incidents, rather than trying to help.

Sergeant Clayton said: “In general, any situation that requires the assistance of emergency services, we would ask witnesses to call us immediately so we are able offer appropriate help.”

But the witness defended the people who chose to video the woman.

He said: “It’s something you never see. You see it online, a person doing crazy things.

“It is insensitive videoing, but how do you help someone like that?”