Offbeat Video

By Mike Jones

A 12-year-old boy takes a tumble after trying to slide across a giant patch of ice.

Jack ‘Frost’ Evans, from County Durham, was taking part in a walk with the other members of his football team after their match had been cancelled due to subzero temperatures.

Dad, Steve, 46, checked the ice was safe before son, Jack, takes a long run up and is stopped in his tracks, at Houghton-le-spring, in County Durham.

Steve said: “A sudden spell of winter weather with temperatures down to minus nine in parts of County Durham, resulted in all our local youth football being abandoned due to snow & frozen ground.

“This left a lot of unhappy little boys at a loose end so we decided to steer well clear of the games console and go on a ten mile ramble round the beautiful frozen landscape.

“I checked to see if the ice was safe, when he followed up with a spectacular fall.”

Steve, a tree surgeon, also wanted to encourage the children, who play for Seaham Red Star football team, to get outdoors.

He said: “Our rapidly changing climate means kids nowadays don’t often get the opportunity to play out in the ice.”