By Hayley Pugh 

This stunned squirrel recoiled in horror when a brave bird stole the nut he had hiding in a snowball.

Vadim Trunov / Caters News

The funny moment captures the reaction of the shocked red squirrel perfectly, as the courageous titmouse flies in and plucks the nut from the snowball with ease.

The charming images, which show the small songbird fronting up to the surprised rodent, were caught on camera by Vadim Trunov, from Voronezh, Russia.

The 33-year-old was in a forest in Rostov feeding the squirrels, when he decided to entertain them by hiding food in the snow.

Vadim said he was shocked to see the fight ensue but guessed the little bird must have been hungry to take on a squirrel more than twice its size.

Vadim Trunov / Caters News

He said: “I made a feeding trough in the forest for squirrels and birds.

“I often go to the forest to feed squirrels but this time I also decided to play with the squirrels.

“I put some nuts in a snowball and this squirrel came over and sensed it straight away.

“The squirrel grabbed the snowball in its paws and began to take the nuts out of the snow.

Vadim Trunov / Caters News

“Suddenly a bird flew up and sat on a snowball, which was held by a squirrel.

“The bird pulled the nut out of the snowball and flew away.

“This brave little bird was not frightened of the squirrel and flew to her as close as possible.

Vadim Trunov / Caters News

“I think winter and hunger causes animals to come quite close to each other”