By Emma Wootton

A chip shop manager who was obsessed with Coca-Cola says he downed more than 40 cans of the sugary drink a DAY.

Shane Tench, 21, ballooned to 32 stone after he quaffed almost 13 litres of the fizzy stuff every day while working long hours in his two takeaways.

Pic by From Caters News

He used the sugary drink to wash down fish and chips for breakfast lunch and dinner – guzzling 5,250 calories – more than double his recommended daily intake – every day in soft drinks alone.

His sickly sweet habit also meant he put away 1.3kg of sugar every day – almost the equivalent of a bag and a half of sugar.

But when he got so fat he struggled to climb up the stairs in his own house, he decided a drastic change was needed – and quit his coke habit.

In just under a year, he’s managed to halve his bodyweight – but says he’ll never touch a can of full-fat coke again.

Shane, from Crewe, Cheshire, said: “I was drinking around 40 cans worth of Coca-Cola every day as my weight spiralled out of control.

“I was 32 stone and every day I would struggle to do basic things such as walk up and down the stairs.

“Even though I was warned by the doctors that I could die if I carried on my ways, the real tipping point came for me when I fell out with my parents about my weight.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News

“They were scared that I could die and told me I needed to sort myself out, but I wasn’t ready to hear it and took it quite badly.

“I knew that I was in a dark place and needed to change my ways to get my life back.

“I had to ditch my Coca-Cola addiction forever and have swapped the sugary drink for Coke Zero instead.

“Now I’ve lost 11 stone and feel healthier than ever.”

Shane became manager of a takeaway business in 2014, and soon found that his weight was beginning to spiral out of control.

Shane, now a restaurant manager, said: “I was working 13 hour shifts and on my breaks would gorge on full meals instead of snacking, washed down by the cans of Cola that were in the fridge.

“I had a tough couple of years prior to that – I had lost loved ones including grandad – so I think I had begun to use food for comfort.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News 

“I used to weigh 15 stone, and before I knew it I had literally doubled in size – one day it clicked that I couldn’t live like this.

“i was recommended for having gastric bypass surgery, but I decided against it as I knew deep down that I needed more than surgery to fix the problem: I needed to change my life.

Shane was recommended for gastric bypass surgery in 2016, but joined Slimming World instead in a bid to get fit by his own merit.

Shane added: “After repeat visits to my doctor, he referred me on to have a gastric band fitted, as I was struggling to lose the weight by myself.

“However, a few weeks before the surgery was due I decided against it as I wanted to lose the weight by myself.

“I was first set up on an NHS eating plan, but that wasn’t helping much.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News 

“Last year I was sitting at home and it just clicked that I needed to stop the Coca-Cola, so I went completely cold turkey.

“It was awful – my body was reacting badly to the sudden loss of sugar, and I started to feel tired and irritable, but it was worth it and I’ve never looked back since.”

Shane now weighs 20 stone, and aims to lose four more stone until he reaches his goal weight.

He claims that his life has drastically improved since losing the weight, and will never go back to his unhealthy habits.

Shane said: “It was a struggle losing the weight and keeping it off, but I know I’ll never go back to how I was as I was just so desperately unhappy.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News 

“I feel confident enough to go out without fearing people are mocking me, and my relationship with my parents is back on track.

“I’ve cut out the junk, and I only now have one or two bottles of Coke-Zero a day.

“I’d like to inspire others in a similar position that it’s never too late to get help, and to not be ashamed of going to slimming clubs – I personally think they’re the most effective method of losing weight, as you are part of a community and supported by others.”