Offbeat Video

By Siarhei Biazberdy

This extreme barber delivers the ultimate short, back and sides by cutting two models’ hair at the same time while using nothing but AXES.

Landing the sharp blades perilously close to their scalps, Daniil Istomin makes swift but accurate strokes on the blocks taking chunks of hair with each swipe.

Having worked on the top of women’s locks, the 36-year-old barber moves on to the back of their hair slicing upwards.

To finish, Daniil kneels in front of them and tidies up their fringe while cutting upwards right in front of their faces topping it all off with a strong dose of hairspray.

Daniil, from Novosibirsk, Russia, said: “I wanted to bring something different to my profession.

“Instead of using a pair of scissors, I use axes.

“Despite it looking more dangerous, it is easier using an axe as one movement does what ten cuts with scissors can do.

“I can now cut four girls hair within three minutes using just two axes.”

Daniil, who works at the Mata Hari salon, comes from a hairdressing dynasty, as his mum, grandma and great-grandma all used to cut hair.