By Laura Dale

These adorable photos capture a cheeky cheetah cub as it playfully tries to get his mum’s attention.

Shem Compion / Caters News

The mother cheetah allows her little cub to run around and play with her, whilst she carries on minding her own business.

Shem Compion, 41, took the photos whilst on a safari tour in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

Shem, from Pretoria, South Africa said: “It was heart warming to be able to capture these images of such a playful and tender moment between mother and cub.

Shem Compion / Caters News

“Play is very important in a predators formative years, as play is a foundation for their hunting skills.

“These images capture a moment which showed so many aspects of a predators life – learning, nurturing and care all in one moment.

“The mother cheetah, Malaika, is well know around Masai Mara, and I have known of her for about four years.

Shem Compion / Caters News

“She likes the open plains around the area, so I have managed to spend a lot of time photographing her.

“Amongst cheetahs, she is one of the more loving cheetahs that I’ve observed, and the name Malaika actually translates to ‘angel’ in Swahali.

Shem Compion / Caters News

“She has grown quite a legacy in Mara for the well looked after young cubs that she has successfully raised.