Amazing Video

By Siarhei Biazberdy

This stunning natural phenomenon appears to show three separate suns shining in the sky.

Ilya Logachev / Caters News: The suns halo in the Russian city of Orskm

Appearing above the southern Russian city of Orsk, the freezing atmosphere meant the morning Sun created a gorgeous halo.

Spreading across the bright blue sky, instead of creating one continuous ring, the light appears to dot in three different locations.

Ilya Logachev / Caters News

Captured by Ilya Logachev on November 28, the optical phenomenon norm ally happens in frozen air when the humidity is high, which creates tiny ice crystals.

Ilya said: “It was beautiful to see such a strange phenomenon and capture it so clearly.

“What made it even more unusual was that the temperature wasn’t as low as it normally is.

Ilya Logachev / Caters News

“It was only about -5celsius.

“For the halo to not even be a continues ring but instead separate into three different suns was very special.”