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By Mollie Mansfield         

 A mum has reinvented herself as Mariah Carey’s doppelganger and has even recorded herself singing along to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.

Kimberly Ortiz, 28, was unaware she resembled her favourite popstar until she began being stopped by strangers who wanted photographs with her.

Pic by Caters News

The mum of one, from Las Vegas, United States, now revels in her likeliness and even tailors her look to that of Mariah’s.

And for the festive season, Kimberly – who also enjoys performing on stage –  has recorded a video of herself singing along to Mariah’s top Christmas hit, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’

Kimberly said: “After I landed my first job as a sales assistant I was complimented for looking like Mariah all the time.

“But now it’s become an every-day thing – everywhere I go I am constantly mistaken for Mariah.

Pic by Caters News

“It’s the biggest compliment ever because I’m such a massive fan of hers, so when I get stopped for photographs it always blows my mind.

“Now I’ve taken it and run with it. I dress up like her and tailor my look around her, but I’m still me!”

Kimberly claims that even when she goes out for meals with her fiancé, she is regularly mistaken for the superstar.

However, it is when the part-time performer is singing that she is most frequently mistaken.

Pic by Caters News

She added: “Whenever my fiancé and I go out for dinner, people think he’s out with Mariah.

“His co-workers always say it too – and I know he definitely gets a kick out of it.

“But it’s when I do entertainment of my own, and when I sing Mariah Carey covers, that I am mainly mistaken for her.

“At the end of my sets people always come up to me and tell me how much I look like her – and even sometimes sound like her!

Pic by Caters News

“Christmas is definitely one of the main times that I get mistook for her, because everyone has Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ look in their head!

“I have been told for five years that I look like her, and every time I still get as excited as the first.”