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By Ben Walley 

These three siblings had a real Kinder surprise – opening their eggs to find out they were about to have a fourth brother or sister.

Proud parents David Ciambella, 43, and Jessica Palmer, 38, decided to have a baby together after getting married in July.

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But they decided to give their children an extra surprise when telling them.

Instead of coming straight out with the news, Jessica buried a dummy and a note inside the treats for her sons Elias, 10, Jonah, nine and David’s daughter Rebbeka, nine.

After reading the notes, the kids were left jumping for joy and in tears at the news they were going to be joined by a new sibling.

Jessica, a special needs teacher, said: “I found out I was pregnant at the end of September.  I was 6 weeks pregnant when we told them.

“Unfortunately we found out I was pregnant days before David’s mother passed away from Leukaemia.  It was an emotional time for the family.

“I knew that I wanted to tell the children in a special way.

“I came up with the idea to hide the news in Kinder surprise eggs. I carefully opened them up and replaced the toy with little plastic dummies and a note that said we are having a baby.

“I then told the kids I had an idea they could make an ‘unwrapping Kinder egg’  video.  They love making videos so they were very excited and weren’t suspicious since it was something they had done before.

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“I was so excited to tell them!  I know that they will all make terrific big brothers and sister.  I didn’t want to wait too long to tell them because I didn’t want them finding out by accident and I wanted it to be special.

“When I saw that Elias just threw his egg away without seeing the note I was a little fearful that it wouldn’t work but then when Jonah took out the note and read it the moment could not have been more perfect.  I was excited that Jonah figured it out first.

“I was excited to see their excitement and overcome with emotion when I saw them start to cry with happiness.  I wasn’t surprised that Jonah was crying because he also cried at the wedding.

“Rebbeka doesn’t seem happy at first.  I think it was a lot of change for her at once.  Her grandmother had passed away just a couple of weeks before and also her mother just had a new baby the week before.  A lot of changed happening at once.

“By the end of the video I was happy to see her happiness and rejoicing with her brothers.”

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Jessica and David had both been in previous relationships and had brought their families together since meeting in 2014.

They decided to have a baby together to cement their relationship shortly after getting married.

She said: “David and I met in Oct 2014.  We hit it off right away and began our courtship.

“Over the next year we slowly introduced each other to our children and then to each other.

“Right from the start it felt all very natural.  The children were all very close in age and got along right away.  We started doing more and more family activities together and our family started to come together.

“We finally got married this past summer on July 22, 2017.  Our children walked us down the aisle and we participated in a family sand ceremony to symbolize blending the family.

“We decided to complete our family by having a baby together.”