Offbeat Video

By Christina Wood

A teenager has revealed shocking pictures after an eyebrow tint stuck to her brows ‘like tarmac’ and left her fearing they would fall off.

Charlotte Knight snapped up what she believed was a genuine cult eyebrow gel by Korean cosmetics company Etude House two months ago for £3.95 on eBay.


The waitress decided to switch from a £12.99 eyebrow product to Tint My Brows Peel Off Gel to save cash and in the hope of achieving the same arched brow.

Instructions on the packaging recommended keeping the tint on for between two hours and a full night but after just two and a half hours Charlotte claims the product became ‘rock hard’ and stained black.

The crying 19-year-old claims she then had to scrub at her eyebrows for half an hour until it eventually came off – ripping half of her eyebrows off along with it.

Now Charlotte says she has been forced to draw in her eyebrows every day and will have to resort to getting them done professionally.


Charlotte, from Redcar, North Yorkshire, said: “It took me a long time to get good eyebrows and it has ruined them.

“They are a really important feature to your face – they were a perfect shape.

“I put it on for a bit over two hours and it started to go rock hard and it was stuck to them like tarmac.

“I was crying and trying to peel it off. I was worried they would fall off.

“It took half of my eyebrows off with it, I’ll never use any of these products again.

“You can’t go back – it turned them as dark as a Sharpie pen.

“I have to fill them in properly now and get them tinted professionally. I don’t want to risk it happening again.”


The product was applied by drawing it onto the eyebrows and it’s recommended to let it set for at least two hours or overnight for a darker colour before peeling it off.

However, after just two and a half hours, Charlotte claims it stuck to her eyebrows and dyed them black instead of a light brown.

Charlotte said: “I had waited for them to grow properly so that they were in a nice shape before I dyed them but it took them both away.

“Maybelline has a similar one, I thought it must be alright if it was like that one. This one was cheaper, I thought this one was going to be the same.

“I thought it was real when I bought it but now I think it must have been a fake product.

“My family were quite shocked and asked me why I used it.

“My friends just laughed at me and my boyfriend watched me cry as I pulled it off.”


Etude House confirmed the product was discontinued and, having examined the packaging, believe it’s a fake.

An Etude House spokesman said: “The particular product has been discontinued more than a year ago and we are currently not selling the product.

“We checked the packaging and its Korean writing is misspelled.

“Therefore, judging from the product images, it has been found that the product is a counterfeit product and not an official Etude House product.”

eBay said that the seller was banned from the online marketplace at the end of November.

An eBay spokesman said: “The seller has already been banned from eBay because of this specific issue.”