Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a man with special needs has all his Christmas wishes come true, after a letter from Mr and Mrs Claus reveals an UDDERLY incredible surprise. 

Christmas has well and truly come early for Isaiah Holmes, as he stands in the kitchen at home in Elko, Navada, on November 29, eagerly listening to his mum, Beth, who has a very special letter for him. 


Beginning with ‘Me and Mrs. Claus are so proud of you’, Isaiah’s face lights up as he looks back to the camera with a beaming smile across his face – a smile that soon turns to a dropped-jaw of disbelief, as Beth recites, ‘We know you wanted a cow… How about four?’

Racing out to greet the latest editions to the family farm, the 21-year-old, who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, can’t believe his luck as he discovers four calves neatly presented with bows in the backyard barn, wasting no time to go in for a cuddle. 

Screaming out, ‘I’ve got cows!’ with tears pouring from his eyes, Isaiah collapses into his adoptive mother’s arms, repeating the sentiment several times, completely overwhelmed by what has transpired. 

Beth, who adopted Isaiah aged two, said: “Christmas is Isaiah’s favourite time of year.

“I feel such overwhelming joy watching the video back, I love seeing Isaiah believing in Santa and that the calves could just magically appear.

“It brings me to tears to witness his pure happiness – to be able to make his dreams come true, nothing beats that.


“This is the first year he’s questions Santa’s existence, so having the calves delivered to him proved they were real.

“That’s why when he hugged me he said, ‘I thought they were real’, meaning he hope they were.”

Beth has been working as a foster carer for the last 30 years and has fostered over 200 children, adopting a number of them along the way. 

Born with cocaine in his system, Isaiah was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a disease causing delayed development and learning difficulties, landing him in the care of Beth when he was aged just six months old, before finalizing his adoption a year and a half later.

Living in a small town, career options for Isaiah remain virtually non-existent as a result of the one-to-one supervision his condition requires. 

So, in April 2016, Beth and her husband purchased 10 acres of land and began building their family farm, where Isaiah, who loves the being outdoors, now helps to care for the animals. 

Beth said: “First, starting with chickens, we now have llamas, alpacas, a horse, ducks, turkeys, geese and ewes, but Isaiah was desperate for a cow. 

“Santa usually ‘delivers’ the big gifts, so I started looking for twin calves, but managed to find four. 


“Our animals are all named from movies or books, so Isaiah has named them Ferdinand, Hermione, Ginny and Norman. 

“The response to the video has been crazy – a random lady approached Isaiah and his brother, Brandon, the other day and asked how the cows are.

“Our goal is to open a farm or ranch job training program for special needs adults like Isaiah, to ensure they all have equal opportunities to work too.”