Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the CORK-ward moment a girl’s first-ever attempt at opening a bottle of bubbly goes hilariously wrong, leaving her in a heap on the floor, writhing in cham-PAIN.

Just outside of the University of Arizona campus, USA, business student Lindsey Bolland thought it was about time she opened her first ever bottle of champagne, aged 21.

Visually anxious to ping the cork from the bottle, Lindsey thankfully manages to unleash the stopper without injury.

However, the ceremonious pop marks the beginning of a hilarious calamity of errors.

Panicking as a foam of fizz begins pouring out from the bottle’s neck and onto her phone, Lindsey scrambles to stem the spillage but inadvertently loses her footing as she sprints across the mattress.

Hurtling forward through the air, the 21-year-old disappears at the foot the bed with the bottle raised high above her head, before meeting the ground with a ferocious thud.

Angelina Theodores, who captured the side-splitting moment on camera, howls in the background as she races to check on Lindsey, finding her friend in a motionless heap on the floor, surrounded by a puddle of bubbly.

Proclaiming this to be ‘the greatest day of her life’ as she laughs uncontrollably, Angelina, originally from Long Island, New York, said: “We were absolutely hysterical, saying it was the best thing that’s happened for a while.

“We re-watched the video back about 10 times and it seemed to get funnier each time we played it.

“Hands down the funniest college experience I’ve witnessed.

“Everyone calls me and Lindsey ‘Dumb and Dumber’ because we don’t think before what we do or say, and that was definitely true here.

“We have so many funny mistakes and stories from college but nothing compares to this one.

“Thankfully she [Lindsey] didn’t hurt herself; she found it just as funny as I did.

“We went out the next night and Lindsey bought a screw-top bottle of champagne instead, she didn’t trust herself with another cork.

“Our friends in school think it’s the funniest video they’ve ever seen, everyone just keeps asking us, ‘How did it happen?’ We still aren’t sure.”