Animals Video

By Laura Dale

This dog turned into a true little HELP-PAW.

Owner MeKenzie Riley, 30, had just finished a punishing Crossfit workout at her gym in Charlotte, North Carolina and collapsed on the floor.

While she was on the ground breathing heavily, her three-year-old dog Emom sat down beside her and put a helping paw on her chest to make sure she was ok.

MeKenzie Riley / Caters News

Emom then gave MeKenzie’s hand a caring lick, as she reaches up to give the dog a quick pat.

Entirely fitting for the moment, Charlie Puth’s ‘One Call Away’ was playing in the background.

MeKenzie, 30, said: “I just finished one of my workouts for the day and was lying on the ground, out of breath and totally dead.

“My dog, who goes to the gym with me every day, came over and sat by me, put her paw on my chest and was being a little care taker in my moment of destruction.

“Charlie Puth’s song ‘One Call Away’ just happened to be on at the same time, which is uncanny.

MeKenzie Riley / Caters News

“Her being right there to comfort me while this song is about someone being just one call away, to save the day no matter what, is really sweet.

“My husband says she is was ‘one paw away’ at the time.

“My dog’s name is Emom, an acronym used in Crossfit – every minute on the minute.

“I try and let people in to the very candid parts of my training sessions. No staging, no scripts, just organic moments. This was a great one of those.

“I just thought the timing was perfect and everyone loves a good dog video.”