Life Video

By Ben Walley

Watch as this man has an enormous cyst that has grown on his head being popped at home by a nurse practitioner.

Colt Knigge, from Meridian, Idaho, US, has been riddled with cysts for years, but it has been growing larger and larger each time.

Colt’s wife Emily, who filmed the footage, said: “The cyst have been there for a few years, and has been continually growing each time.

“We asked my good friend Susan Sansom, who is a nurse practitioner if she could pop the cyst for us at our home, and she happily did it.

“Colt said the most painful part of the process was the injecting of the anesthetic – but he took the pain well.

“It was successful for the most part, as they cyst isn’t as large.

“However, the sac wasn’t removed because we didn’t have sutures, so they’re still present, and may or not fill back up.

“I love watching things like this, so that’s why I recorded it – it was enjoyable and squeamish at the same time.

“After the video finished, Susan squeezed a couple more times but nothing really came out, so we just patched him up.”