Animals Video

By Alex Matthews 

This feline turns into POSTMAN CAT whenever it hears the letterbox rattle.

Tabby Jerry, seven, is almost more defensive than a dog about anything being put through the door.

The second he hears any movement of the letterbox, he darts from her perch on the window sill to attack before anything can touch the floor.


But once he has aggressively checked it out, she’s happy to leave the post lying around for her owner to salvage later.

According to Vicky Cook, who has had Jerry since he was an eight-week-old kitten, he watches intently for the postman from his window sill spot every day.

As soon as he sees him next door, Jerry is up like a flash to take a whack at any letters or spam mail that are put through.

The store manager, from Rowley Regis, West Midlands, said: “Jerry is very different to any other cat I know. 

“At first I didn’t think what he was doing was anything strange, but then my daughter spotted it one day and asked me what on earth he was doing.

“She was laughing so much and filmed him so my colleagues at work could enjoy it too.


“I’ve no idea where he got the behaviour from. He’s normally really quite lazy.

“He just sits by the window all day, but about six months ago he started taking a real interest when he saw the postman arrive and now he always runs up to the door to attack the post. 

“Once it’s on the floor he’s not interested anymore, and he’s never completely ruined a letter, but as it’s being pushed through he’ll swipe at and bite the post.”