Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

Someone call elf and safety as these kids freak out when their parents prank them with an Elf on a Shelf peering through the front door. 

When Suzanne Rooney asked her kids if there was somebody knocking on the door at home in Portadown, Northern Ireland, son Kurtis is met with a shock.

Noticing the family’s Elf on a Shelf peering through the glass, the seven-year-old instantly gets spooked and starts shouting to his siblings Jessica, 11, and Rhys, nine.

Overcome with emotion, Kurtis bursts into tears while staring at the festive visitors before finally opening the door and shouting ‘there’s three, there’s three’.

Suzanne said: “When Kurtis started screaming I did laugh as I knew he wasn’t scared.

“It was a mix of emotions as he has been talking about them saying ‘I wonder when they will be coming to our house’.

“The kids are looking forward to Christmas and they can’t wait to get there presents.

“Kurtis has never reacted like this before as I had an elf for the first-time last year and they loved it.

“He is not scared of them at all after the video I took them in and he was laughing and holding them.

“I thought he would have opened the door and told his brother and sister to come and see.”