Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This well-behaved monkey has cleverly turned bath time in to an opportunity to do the dishes as well. 

Boo the Capuchin monkey enjoys bath time so much he decides to help out his owner a little and does his fair share of the washing up. 

Boo is five years old and has been with owner Gavin Vaughn since he was four weeks old. 

Gavin, from Las Vegas said: “Boo loves his bath time, and loves getting blow dried and his ears cleaned after his bath too. 

“He’s a very clever monkey, so I wasn’t surprised when he started helping me out with the dishes.

“He’s a great artist, and he loves to finger paint and use brushes, spoons and forks to make amazing colourful artwork

 “However he can at times be a very mischievous monkey – I have so many stories of when Boo’s unlocked his cage himself and then trashed the house and raided our refrigerator!

“Boo has a pet dog of his very own, Honey – they are together always and they are the coolest pair of friends ever!