By Laura Dale

These graceful baby hare was caught in a very nimble pose as it leapt over its brothers and sisters.

With their mother not far away, the young Arctic hares were left to play amongst each other, before gambolling back into the wilderness.

Fred Lemire / Caters News

Photographer and Arctic guide Fred Lamire took these brilliant snaps in the Canadian Arctic – where in the summer the sun never sets.

The 44 year old said: “I spent the last four summers on Ellesmere Island Nunavut which is located in Canada’s high Arctic at the top of the world. A wildlife photographer’s dream.

“In the summer, the sun never sets.  It just circles the sky which is a great opportunity for unlimited photographs.

Fred Lemire / Caters News

“One night, I was outside my tent, lacing up my hiking boots when I spotted a young hare about 50 feet away from me.

“Then another one appeared from another direction and then four more, for a total of ten little arctic hares.

“A few minutes later, I spotted the mother. When she reached her babies, they all start nursing at the same time, in a half circle position, for about 30 seconds.

Fred Lemire / Caters News

“Then the action started.  The mother hare suddenly bolted from the young hares and the young hares started to jump and bounce around in all directions.  Sometime as high as three and a half feet from the ground!

“This sudden burst of energy was amazing to watch.  It was like they received an energy boost from the milk.  A few minutes later, they all left in their own direction.”