Animals Video

By Helen Le Caplain

This raging ram proved it had a baa-d temper when it was caught on camera charging and head-butting a collie who deftly dodged its thundering hooves – and successfully herded him into a pen.

Brave sheepdog Jim can be seen herding the cranky mammal before the ram suddenly lowers his head and charges at the pooch.

Jim, who is fifth-generation border collie, lay flat to the ground before ducking under his legs, nipping him on the nose and successfully rounding him back up.


Farmer Pat Byrne, who farms on 67 hectares of grass land, said he was trying to move the rams to another area when the stand-off took place.

Pat, from Roscommon, Ireland, said: “I was moving the rams to meet their girlfriends but they didn’t want to go.

“They are really stubborn and always a challenge so I needed Jim to help.

“I asked him to move them, as I watched I knew there would be a problem as the rams always challenge when they stop.

“He knew he was going to take him on, it was payback for being moved.”

Border Collies tend to herd animals by getting in front of livestock and using ‘strong eye’ to stare them down to keep them in a group and control their motion.


The footage shows Jim successfully ‘stalking’ the ram, which is six times heavier than him, before it charged at him.

Jim nipped the fuming ram on the nose before running from under him to successfully rounding him up into his pen.

Pat, 55, said: “From experience I know how it was going to happen – so did the dog which is more important.

“At no point was I worried about Jim – I knew he was in control.

“It only took him one move to show him who the boss was and put him in place.”