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By Nelson Groom

This is the shocking moment a cannibal crocodile was caught on camera making a meal out of its own kind in a notorious Australian creek.

Footage from Shady Camp, on the Mary River in the Northern Territory, shows the five-metre saltwater crocodile dragging the three-metre croc’s body above the water – having bitten it in HALF.

Mark Price/Outback Barra/Caters News

Fishing tour guide Mark Price, 46, was taking his friend and his best wife out on the infamously croc-infested waters when they spotted the gruesome scenes.

Outback Barra Fishing owner Mark, who has never seen anything like it in nearly 25 years of fishing in the lake, said: “We noticed the smaller croc getting pulled against the tide and stopped for a closer look.

“It was very exciting. My boat is about six metres and it was almost as long, so seeing it dragging the smaller one against the tide like that is very impressive.

“We followed it down about 500 metres, then it managed to lodge it in a tree. I’ve been fishing there for 25 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Mark said it was a testament to the predator’s strength that it was taking its mutilated prey upstream during strong tides.

Mary River, east of Darwin, is one of the world’s most densely populated crocodile waterways.

Mark Price/Outback Barra/Caters News

The reptiles sometimes turn to cannibalism when there is an absence of prey or food competition.

With saltwater crocodile populations on the rise in Australia, experts say it is likely there will be an increase in croc-on-croc attacks.

But Mark said after several decades of experience under his belt, he knew not to get too close for comfort.

He added: “There was one moment when my mate asked me to get a bit closer and I had to say no.

“You’ve got to give them the respect they’re owed and stay croc-wise in the territory.”