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By Josh Saunders and Hayley Pugh

Stunning Miss England has graduated with a first-class honours degree and now is setting her sights on curing cancer.

Stephanie Hill, 21, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Radiotherapy and Oncology from Sheffield University.


The beauty queen, who was crowned Miss England in July, fought to flaunt her beauty and brains in Miss World where she came in third place, beating off 117 other competitors.

In the contest to decide the world’s most attractive woman two weeks ago, Miss India was pronounced the winner at the prestigious event in China.

With competition out the way, Miss England, born in Sheffield, is looking to her future after securing a place for her master’s degree that she hopes will help her to cure cancer.

Her admirable determination stems from seeing two friends battle the cruel disease that will statistically affect one in two people in the UK born after 1960.

Stephanie said: “Miss World was like nothing I have ever experienced or will experience again in my life – it was exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, incredible and unbelievable.

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“We travelled across China sightseeing, attending and supporting charity events, and participated in the Miss World Fast-Track events.

“We visited theme parks, scenic areas, were invited on cruises and speedboat rides, the experience was a month of non-stop activity but I felt like we made the most of every second we were there, it was the month of a lifetime.

“I feel incredibly honoured to have placed 2nd Runner Up in Miss World, I have followed the competition closely for 4 years after entering Miss England for the first time 4 years ago.

“I never dreamed I would even have the privilege of representing England at Miss World, never mind placing as a runner up.

“I have been supported by my family, friends and loved ones throughout my 4 year journey to Miss World, so to have all our hard work recognised was incredibly rewarding.

“I have a place secured at the University of Sheffield Medical School to study a master’s Translational Oncology, with the intention of progressing onto a PhD.

“I will then take a position in either a university or research institute to work in Cancer Research.

“I will resume my studies next September upon completing my reign as Miss England, Miss United Kingdom and Miss World Europe.

“The university have been incredibly supportive, and have encouraged me to use my year of travel to explore global research and charitable causes.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Ultimately I would like to be a research scientist based in a lab where I try and find a treatment for cancer.”

Kind-hearted Stephanie launched the Magical Memories Foundation, where she dresses up as Disney characters and visits children undergoing cancer treatments.

She said: “Ever since I was a young child I’ve been interested in cancer research and oncology.

“Two of my closest friends had radiotherapy when I was at school and I am very passionate about trying to find a cure for cancer.

“I started the foundation following my experiences in my clinical placement and seeing the difficulties children with cancer face when they are going through treatment. I wanted to help.

“Many of them actually believe I am the character and I love to see their faces light up.

“For the short time that I am with the children they forget they are ill and it’s rewarding to see them smile at such a difficult time.”