Offbeat Video

By  Mike Jones

It took six hours to get up there but only 2 minutes down – it seems marine Tim Howell really knows how to save time.

Tim, 38, and his friends hiked up Mont Blanc in Italy and then took a very speedy trip back down – by leaping off the edge and base jumping to the bottom.

Tim Howell / Caters News

The group had set off at 5am that morning to avoid poor wind conditions that might occur after midday.

Tim said: “It was an incredible jump because not many people have done it, was such a cool experience to fly over the glacier and what made it a challenge was the flying altitude was gained by only human power, so no gondola or driving or helicopter.

“Jumps like these are always nice for me because even if the conditions weren’t good to jump the hike and the climb make it interesting without the jump.

Caters News

“The hike was really nice, we stopped at the mountain hut to fill our water bottles, and then started up the climbing section

“It took 6 hours in total, but only a couple of minutes to get back down.”