Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott

Amazing stunts filmed POV style as if you were the rider at the ArenaCross show at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham.

British riders, Samson Eaton and Arran Powley of the Bolddog FMX Team donned an action camera and filmed themselves doing amazing tricks and flips narrowly missing the ceiling of the NEC, 50 feet in the air!

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News –

The pair are part of the ArenaCross show which will be touring in 2018 at six venues around the UK on a much bigger scale with its indoor Motocross race series and Freestyle show.

The riders, which also included British riders; Dan Whitby and Nez Parker as well as Australian riders; Steve Sommerfeld and Ryan Brown are seen doing back flips, cliffhanger’s, Superman Seat Grabs and even a Motocross Train where multiple riders do stunts one after another with full trust in each other not to bail falter which would cause carnage when landing.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News