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Charlotte Regen

A waddle of penguins has been released onto a beach after having been rescued and rehabilitated for four months.

The ten penguins were taken to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, to be released into the ocean after having been kept in rehabilitation.

Caters News

This footage shows the journey that they penguins took on the day of their release – from being transported onto the beach, to then swimming into the ocean.

Garth Ensley, the cameraman, said: “This video shows a penguin release for ten penguins who had washed up on the shore and had been rehabilitated – showing that they have now been released.

“Everyone loved watching it, and there were about 500 spectators who came along to watch their release.

Caters News

“They were all rescued for different reasons – three had babesia disease, three had avian malaria and four were exhausted and dehydrated.

“The penguins are all between six-months-old to one-year-old and had been in rehabilitation between one to four months.

“They had been living in the Tenikwa Wild Life Sanctuary, South Africa, prior to their release.”