Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This hilarious video shows a rugby scrum so powerful that it knocks over a massive goalpost.

While Hinckley, wearing black and yellow hoops, took on Luctonians in National 2 North League on November 25 in Leicestershire, they had their opponents pinned on the try line after 15 minutes.


With the pressure intensifying, the horde of players crash into the goalpost and slowly begin to move.

As the left post toppled to the turf, the crossbar also fell causing one stunned spectator behind the try line to raise his hands to his head.

Chairman John Tilley said: “I have never seen anything like this in rugby.

“My first reaction was ‘that’s going to cost a lot to fix’.


“The damage was so bad, we had to relocate to another pitch to finish the match.”

John estimates that a repair of the posts will cost at least £1,000, while a new set will set the club back a whopping £7,000.

While Hinckley were trailing 12-0 at the time of the incident, they came back to triumph 52-12.