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By David Aspinall

This tiny piglet and her golden retriever best friend love eating, bathing and even going on walkies together.

When Luna the mini pig first arrived home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in August 2017, there were teething troubles between her and canine companion Cloud.

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Despite their size difference, the four-year-old Golden Retriever will lead the Juliana pig on walks around their back yard while holding a leash in her mouth.

The pair have quickly become bosom buddies through spending their days in the back-yard play fighting, sharing snacks and sitting in a paddling pool.

Owner Stacey Becker said: “We love that they get along so well.

“Each day they surprise us with how they interact and take care of each other.

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“They have one main common bond which is eating and they both love treats

“Luna does not like to be cold, so she loves snuggling with Cloud.

“Cloud does not like to be hot, but many times she will sit by the fire or stay out in the sun with Luna just to stay close to her.”

After some teething problems, including Luna biting Cloud during their rough and tumble, the pair have become inseparable.

Stacey said: “Cloud has certainly had much rougher playmates.

“Her other best friends are two male labs that she loves to show who’s boss.

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“She plays very rough with other dogs, but is completely gentle with Luna.

“They also get into lots of trouble together by eating the tomatoes that I have planted, as well as other vegetables in the garden.

“Luna looks to Cloud for protection if other dogs are nearby and hides under Cloud’s legs, so she feels safe.”