By Laura Dale

A daredevil has taken photographs of himself jumping between two cliffs, 65 feet above the ground.

Kawika Lopez took to Arnsrstapi, Iceland, to take these stomach-churning photographs of him leaping between two cliff edges.

Pic by Kawika Lopez / Caters News

The 65 foot drop below him would have landed Kawika in deep water – but luckily the adrenaline junkie completed the jump safely.

Kawika, 29, said: “Here I am leaping across a natural rock arch which is cracked in the middle whilst one a leisure photography trip.

“I like to hike and jump across and over things, so it just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Pic by Kawika Lopez / Caters News

“Prior to our trip we did a lot of research on where we wanted to go, and the basalt formations of Arnarstapi really peaked our interest.

“This particular arch was a complete surprise, we hadn’t come across it in our planning and research.

“As it turns out, this was one of my favourite shots from the entire trip!”