By Michael Scott

These brilliant designs are helping sick children by changing their CT scan experience from terrifying to terrific – and they’re set to be arriving in hospitals in the UK soon.

The once ominous ring of the CT scanner has been transformed into a world of wonder for the children who use it.

Pic by GE Healthcare/Caters News 

GE Healthcare has created adventure series – an artistically designed CT scanner for kids that helps them use their imagination.

They’re whisked off on an adventure to a themed room with the scanner central to the role play.

Designs range from a brilliant underwater world to an outer space adventure and also include a camping trip and a pirate voyage.

Doug Dietz has designed the Adventure series of CT and MRI scanners after seeing a little girl terrified by a traditional scanner.

Pic by GE Healthcare/Caters News

He said: “I see this young family coming down the hallway and I can tell as they get closer that the little girl is weeping.

“As they get even closer to me, I notice the father leans down and just goes ‘remember we talked about this, you can be brave.’

Now Doug creates these brilliant colourful experiences for children – in one of the Adventure Series, children are told that they are getting into a canoe, and are made to lie down inside.

“They tell children to hold still so that they don’t rock the boat, and if you really do hold still, the fish will start jumping over the top of you.”

Pic by GE Healthcare/Caters News 

The scanners, which have been operation in the US since 2010, are now set to be introduced in the UK. GE Healthcare said several paediatric trusts had expressed a firm interest in the machines, but refused to confirm which ones.