Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A dad has filmed what he believes to be the ghost of a rapist chef GROWLING in the pub he haunts after hanging himself from the rafters 350 years ago.

In the eerie video paranormal investigate Sean Reynolds ghost hunting equipment can be seen flashing as the dad-of-three asks if someone has joined him in the darkened room.

When Sean, 34, demands to know if the spirit is that of the evil chef believed to haunt the pub there is a gruff ‘yes’ in response – not just once but twice.


Sean claims these growling sounds to be confirmation of the presence of the wicked spirit of a chef believed to have forced himself upon a barmaid who then set herself on fire.

Riddled with guilt after his vile act, the chef is said to have hung himself from the beams of the Shakespeare Pub in Manchester city centre.

Capturing the ‘throaty’ growls of this malevolent entity sent chills down Sean’s spine.

Sean, of Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “It is believed that the chef Thatch forced himself on a barmaid and she was so ashamed she committed suicide by settling her dress alight with candles.

“Thatch then took his own life out of guilt, hanging himself inside the pub. The marks from the rope were visible on the beams until they painted over them a few years ago.

“While I was investigating I heard so many strange bangs and noises and the equipment was going mad every time I asked a question.

“Then as we went into what was the barmaid’s room, where the sad event took place, I asked if the chef was there and all the equipment started flashing. I was so shocked.

“Not wanting to jump to any conclusions I asked again if it was the chef and, with my very own ears, heard a ghostly voice growl back at me.


“When I asked again I got exactly the same response and I was convinced it was a gruff voice saying ‘yes’. It sent chills down my spine. It definitely wasn’t human.

“At the time I was terrified. I couldn’t help but think that the chef might be so evil that he would physically attack me.

“When it came to editing the video I was even more certain that this voice was clearly saying ‘yes’ and confirming, not one but twice, the presence of this nasty spirit.

“I have heard ghostly voices in the past and witness some amazing paranormal phenomena and the voice of the chef shocks me to this very day.

“It is clearly someone from the afterlife communicating with the living in an intelligent way. I have no doubt the Shakespeare pub is haunted and Thatch is still lurking there.”

The Shakespeare Pub was originally built in Chester, Cheshire, in 1656 and known as The Shambles but in 1928 it was transported brick by brick down the ship canal and rebuilt in Manchester.

Presenter and producer Sean visited the pub in September this year to film for the latest series of his hit TV show Ghost Dimension.

It was Flecky Bennett, founder of Manchester Ghost Walks, who invited Sean to investigate the pub as he believes it may be the most haunted pub in Britain.

The pub plays host to Flecky’s Tavern of the Dead nights where the ‘ghost host’ and 15 adults gather around a coffin to perform séances and use Ouija boards to commune with the dead.

Flecky said: “During my performances we have seen women looking into a mirror and their faces have changed to a man’s and people often see shadowy figures.

“A few times when we have used the Ouija board we have been visited by a third spirit who haunts the pub called William who says he is the old landlord.

“When we asked him why he was still here, he used the board to tell us that he didn’t know he was dead.

“There is a lot of paranormal activity at the pub, it could be the most haunted pub in the country. But the barmaid’s room is especially active, it is a very strange room.

“Sometimes when you’re in there communicating with Thatch you can hear the beam cracking and creaking as if he’s still hanging from it.”