Animals Video

By Lauren Fruen 

A DEER managed to get his whole body and antlers stuck under the wheel of a police car after attacking vehicles in a residential road.

The buck was pictured with just his legs poking out from under the motor after getting completely wedged during his rampage.

The unusual sight was spotted by photographer Donna Ross who heard “a commotion” outside her home in Oregon.

Donna Ross/Caters News

She said she was shocked to find the deer completely stuck and was told by police they were responding to calls of an aggressive deer when it turned its attention to their patrol car.

Four police cars were on the scene as they dealt with the issue for more than an hour, according to Donna.

Donna said: “He was attacking the cars in our road.

“I heard a bunch of commotion and saw cop cars out the window. This is a really quiet neighbourhood so I went to see that everything was ok.

“The whole street was blocked off as they tried to free him from the wheel.

“The police said it may be rabid so they were being very careful.

“They gave him a tranquiliser and waited till he was completely out before removing him.

Donna Ross/Caters News

“They did an amazing job without hardly touching him.

“We are used to having wildlife nearby but I have never seen anything like this before.

“It was just shocking. I couldn’t fathom out how he had got in there.

“Everybody was just dumbfounded.”

The deer is understood to have been sedated with a tranquilizer before police removed him from the awkward spot last Saturday morning.