Offbeat Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A family had the chance to experience their everyday life with a difference – by spending the night staying inside a LEGO house.

The Woollacott family, from Aberdeen, Scotland, experienced life with a twist when they spent the night in the LEGO House, Billund, Denmark, with no one else around.

The house, which is usually filled with children’s play areas, was transformed into a hotel room for the family of four last Friday, November 24.

With boxes of LEGO being withdrawn from the play centre, beds were added for the children and parents, alongside giant LEGO armchairs, a TV screen and even a cat.

Sleeping, eating and watching a movie made it an everyday evening in – just with a lot of extra added LEGO.

Nick Woollacott, 41, said: “If we could, our home would definitely be made out of LEGO, staying here has definitely tempted us.

“The beds were super comfy, it felt like being at home, just surrounded by a lot of LEGO!

“We’re surprised the children got any sleep considering how much there was to play with.

“I work away a lot, so this was a great place for us to be able to spend some quality time together – whilst having a lot of time to play.”

The idea to turn the LEGO House into someone’s personal home for the weekend took ten months to come to life.

The house was filled with intricate every day objects to make the family feel at home, such as a LEGO storybook, vase of flowers and a pair of slippers.

The family won the once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay the night in the LEGO House after they entered a competition on Airbnb, where they had to describe what they would make out of LEGO.

Stay-at-home mum, Susan, saw the competition posted on a Facebook group tailored towards LEGO fanatics.

Susan 44, said: “We have two daughters, Heather, 7, and Izzy, 5, who came up with the idea of what they wanted to build.

“Because Heather wants to be an astronaut, they decided to build the National Space Station. However, obviously Izzy wanted to be involved too and she wants to own a noodle shop.

“So our winning entry was a national space station which also has a noodle shop on board – because Izzy didn’t want her sister to get hungry.

“I have always loved LEGO since I was younger, and when I had the girls my adoration came back for it.

“Being here is an absolute dream come true, I wish we could just move in and stay forever – it feels like our house now!”