Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran 

This Pomeranian clearly thinks his sister’s dancing is RUFF!

Desperately unimpressed with the excitable schoolgirl boogieing to the radio next to him, nine-year-old Kingsley shoots owner Allison a despairing glance.

The look in the pooch’s eyes simply says ‘help’.

But the 32-year-old hairstylist from Atlanta, Georgia, can only look on and laugh as her daughter Audrey, five, continues to freak the dog out.

Allison said: “We were in my car with it off and parked in the carpool lane dropping Audrey off at school.

“Audrey was dancing to a song that came on the radio. She has a wonderful sense of humour and dancing is one of her favourite things to do!

“I found Kingsley’s look very funny and adorable. I just smiled and let them do their thing.

“They two of them get along great. Kingsley had to go through a bit of an adjustment time getting used to sharing me with Audrey since he is a loyal Pomeranian to his Mommy, but I can say they are best friends now.”