Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

These pooches can’t stand their owner not giving them attention – so they smother her with kisses during her yoga practise.

When Michelle Alexopoulos starts to practise her stretches, her samoyed’s, Mindy and Archie, can’t help but running over to join in.

However, instead of letting her continue her yoga practise – the dogs smother her with kisses, causing her practise to come to a halt.

But Michelle only lasted for 40 seconds until she pushed them off, as their kisses continued for so long she couldn’t breathe!

Michelle, from Melbourne, Australia, said: “This isn’t the first time they have done this – they’re always doing it, especially when I am down on the ground at their level, they love it when I’m doing yoga.

“Samoyeds are the most affectionate breed you can own and they love cuddles and kisses. They literally wash your face the way they give kisses.

“They don’t care what you are doing, they will push their way in for affection. 

“They always want affection – they even help me do the gardening, take a shower and get ready for work in the morning to get some!”