By Liam Bolland

The hilarious moment a fisherman falls into the sea has been captured on camera.

Zak Bagby, 26, was out fishing with his friends on February 23 when they came across a boat in distress.

The full time fishing marketeer then towed the other boat back to shore at Biscayne Bay, Florida.

When climbing onto the pier, a fisherman from the other boat then comically fell into the freezing cold sea, much to the amusement of Zak and his friends.

Zak said: “I was initially shocked to come across a distressed boat so late at night around 3am, it was shooting flares and flashing flashlights.

“When we got back to the shore a fisherman tried to pull the other boat to the dock but instead pushed it away out from under his own feet and fell into the water.

“I thought It was absolutely hilarious although I felt bad because the water is cold at night and even colder when you get out of it into the chilly air.

“Thankfully the man swam to shore and everyone was safe and had a great laugh.”