By Bilal Kuchay

This is the jaw-dropping moment a man in India miraculously survived after a mile-long goods train ran over him.

Visuals captured by stunned onlookers show an unidentified man lying still between the rail tracks as the train passes over him.

The terrifying moment left commuters bemused. Many bystanders were even seen shrieking in horror.

However, much to their delight, the man escaped without a scratch on his body.

The shocking incident occurred at Banakata railway station in Deoria in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on November 15.

The man apparently wanted to catch a train, which had stopped at Track 2, but instead of taking the foot-over-bridge, he decided to crawl under a stationery goods train which had stopped at Track 1.

The man, however, didn’t notice that the train had already received green signal to move.

As the train started moving, the man with some quick thinking decided to lay flat between the tracks.

After several harrowing minutes, the man simply gets up and walks away, miraculously unscathed by the ordeal.

Other commuters, who watched him under the moving train, rushed to help him but the man left quickly and boarded his train on the other side of the station.