By Becca Husselbee

A mum who ordered three personalised mugs as Christmas presents was left in fits of laughter when they were printed with the wrong message.

Stacy Williams Godfery, 34, ordered the mugs through a Facebook page advertising personalised gifts and asked for three mugs to be printed with a picture and a special message on for her sister, Kayla, her mum, Michelle and her sister-in-law, Kelly.

PIC FROM Caters News

The hospital worker, from Highridge, Bristol, paid £6 each for the mugs but when they arrived Stacy realised that the printers had used every word from her Facebook message on the mug.

Stacy said: “They took around five days to arrive and I didn’t open them straight away as I had been distracted by other things.

“I had ordered them as a nice thought for Christmas as we had recently lost our grandmother, so I had a picture of us all printed on the mug for my sister and Mum and a picture of my sister-in-law’s dog, who had recently passed away, printed on another.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I had sent the company a Facebook message with what I wanted to be printed on the mugs, I told them ‘(if it’ll fit) With love Stacy, Kevin, Ross, Lucas and Kayla’

“I didn’t mean for it to go on the mug, it was just a note in case the message was too long.

“I found it hilarious.”

The mum-of-three found the miscommunication so funny that she decided to still give the presents to her family members.

Stacy said: “I did send the company a message and they were very sorry for the mix-up, they thought it was a bizarre joke and that I intentionally wanted the message on the