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By Taniya Dutta

Doctors in India have removed a hairball weighing three pounds from the stomach of a new mum who suffered from Rapuzel Syndrome- an addiction of chewing own hair.

Suman Prasad, 25, had just given birth to her first child, a son but complained of severe abdominal pain days after delivery.


Her husband Ram Prasad took her to Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital in Indore in western India where doctors first believed she had complications in placenta after delivery.

However, they were shocked to find a massive ‘mop’ of hairball in her bowel in CT Scan reports.

A team of five doctors led by Dr Raj Kumar Mathur took out the hairball in an open surgery in a three-hour-long surgery on Tuesday.

Dr Mathur said: “We first thought her uterus was hurt in the instrumental removal of placenta. We were deciding on a surgery but were shocked to find a huge perforation in her bowel.

“There was a massive cluster of hair lying in there. We conducted an open surgery and removed the 1.5 kilogram weighing entangled hair.


“It seems she had been chewing her own hair for a long time that eventually plummeted to form a cluster.”

Suman had been unknowingly chewing her own hair that resulted in formation of a lump of entangled hair inside her stomach.

Her condition is stated to be stable but doctors say she could have had serious health issues had the hairball not been removed.