By David Aspinall

This unlucky man endured a turbulent flight after his brother told airplane crew he had just got engaged and sit through 25 minutes of marriage advice.

Steven Schapiro decided to prank his unfortunate sibling while on a flight home from Los Angeles to San Francisco, California, USA, on Monday February 20.

Instinctively, Steven told a flight attendant his brother had successfully proposed leading to a lengthy set of advice being read out over the intercom, ranging from “travel together” to “run”.

Despite fidgeting and staring out of the window embarrassed, Jon is then engaged in conversation with the person sat next to him.

Steven, who runs the YouTube channel Schapchat, said: “Nothing makes me happier than to see Jon become redder and redder and want to crawl out of his skin.

“He likes to think he’s become used to me messing with him, however if he wasn’t moving and talking, I would have thought he was a tomato.

“I was loving every second of it.

“He became especially embarrassed when the lady next to him started asking him questions about the location of the wedding, how many kids they wanted and what his “soon to be wife” did for work.”

Having been delayed, the brothers had already begun their pranking before boarding their Southwest plane.

The in-flight entertainment began when the pair weren’t seated together and Steven took the opportunity to inform the crew of his brother’s happy announcement.

After having asked the rest of the passengers to give Jon a round of applause, the air stewardess then says they will give him a bottle of champagne and big bag of pretzels.

Saved the ignominy of being paraded to the front of the plane by turbulence, Jon has to sit through endless matrimonial tips before finally being serenaded.

Steven said: “I’m on a never-ending quest to embarrass Jon and post it to my YouTube channel.

“I saw the flight attendant and the first thing that came to my mind was, I bet I can get them to shout my brother out if I tell them he just got engaged.

“The announcements lasted for a good 25 minutes, bless the soul of the flight attendant.

“Also, bless the souls of the people on board for putting up with it.

“There were several people who were trying to nap, which became impossible as this lady was talking over the intercom.”