By Jamie Smith 

Somewhere under the rainbow, grey seals lie.

This female appeared extraordinarily relaxed as she was caught in the middle of a sandstorm.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

With wild weather blowing all around, the seal simply stretched and slumped down onto the beach on the Lincolnshire coast.

In a wonderfully timed moment, the rain created a giant rainbow that fell right behind her as she poked her head up to admire it.

The pictures were taken by Nature’s Lens wildlife photographer Sean Weekly, from Kent, who slowly managed to position himself in the driving wind and rain to get the seal and rainbow in shot.

Sean, 28, said: “I was running a workshop photographing the grey seal colony located of the Lincolnshire coast.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News 

“A female was stretching during a strong sandstorm with a rainbow in the background.

“I love this image as the weather that day was severe, with very strong winds and rain and even hail.

“It is a challenge for wildlife photography when the elements are not on your side, however if you remain persistent then patience is quite often rewarded.

“I was already photographing the female in the sandstorm with the sea as a backdrop when I saw the rainbow appearing on the horizon.

“I had to slowly move further away from the seal to be able to get the rainbow in the shot too without startling the animal.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

“It was just a matter of waiting for the seal to do something interesting other than lying down.”