Animals Video

By Bethany Gleave 

A dad-of-two caught the moment a stoat ‘had the time of its life’ as it performed a series of dazzling BACK FLIPS in his garden.

Mikey Sim, 37, captured the stoat’s outburst after his partner shrieked at the sight of the mammal jumping around the couple’s garden in Insch, Aberdeenshire.

The hilarious footage shows the stoat moving erratically around the garden in circles, before throwing itself backwards and forwards repeatedly in a series of jumps, flips and rolls.

Technical manager Mikey claims the stoat continued its bizarre dance for around five minutes before disappearing up a tree.

Mikey said: “It was so funny watching it just lose it in the garden. It must have done about 15 backflips or even more altogether.

“The stoat just kept flipping and then it would kind of slide on the floor before starting to run around again.

“Before I saw it I was getting packed to go and see my family in London and then I heard a shriek from my partner Hayley downstairs.

“I wondered what she was screaming at and then she told me there was a stoat in the garden.  But it was running around and doing back flips.

“I’m unsure why they do it, I just thought it was hilarious to watch. I’m not sure if it was chasing something or some people have said it is a way to dazzle prey if they are being chased.

“It looked like it was just having a good time to me, it was doing it for around five minutes and having the time of its life.

“I found it hilarious when I videoed it I sent it to my friends who also found it really funny. I think I have watched it about 100 times already.

“After running around the stoat ran up the tree then we didn’t really see it. I’m presuming it just jumped down.”

The erratic behaviour of the stoat is believed to be part of the process the animal uses when hunting rabbits to try and disorientate its prey and is commonly referred to as a war dance.

Despite only living in the house for 18 months, Mikey says he and his wife Hayley Andrew, 30, have been visited by the stoats almost daily.

Mikey said: “I think it’s the same group of them that keep coming into the garden, sometimes there’s just the one but then other times they have younger ones with them too.

“We do live in quite an isolated area, we don’t have any neighbours and there is loads of wildlife around.

“It is the first time I have seen them do something like this though. They do run through the garden but I haven’t seen one do backflips like this.”