Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

With 10,000 lights, a 15-foot tree, two six-foot nutcrackers and a full nativity scene, this house is beaming with so much festive cheer it may be the UK’s most Christmassy home.


Parents-of-three Dayna Slater, 26, and Paul Liptrot, 28, have spent two years building up their collection of festive lights and decorations by trawling through boot sales and bargain stores.

By raiding the January sales and picking up overlooked Christmas goods at the summer markets, Dayna believes the couple have saved thousands of pounds.

While decking their halls with colourful lights does not break the bank, it does require some back-breaking work from Paul who has spent at least four hours every evening for three weeks getting the home ready for the holidays.


But full-time mum Dayna said it is all worth it to bring some seasonal joy to neighbours and passers-by and all for a good cause.

The merry display is Dayna and Paul’s way of raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, Merseyside, where their middle child Zack Liptrot spent Christmas Eve in 2014.

Dayna, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “The whole house and garden are completely covered in lights. There are thousands just on the roof.

“Then we’ve got the huge tree covered in more lights and the nutcrackers and the nativity – it’s brilliant. It looks so lovely.

“It’s hard to say exactly how much we’ve spent because we’ve bought bits here and there over two years.

“I’d say it’s at least 400 but if we’d bought everything new it would definitely be well into the thousands.


“Paul works really hard on it and it takes him ages. When everyone else is thinking about Halloween and Bonfire night we’re getting ready for Christmas.

“But it is so worth it. The kids absolutely love it and so do all the neighbours. It brings festive cheer to the whole area. I definitely think it’s the most Christmassy house in the country.

“It’s really lovely for us because we get people coming over to us asking if the Christmas house is our house and we see it popping up all over Facebook with nice comments.

“It makes it even better knowing it is all for such a good cause. That Christmas was an absolute nightmare. Zack was so poorly and Alder Hey were just brilliant.


“We wanted a way to be able to thank them and this just seemed perfect. Giving and helping others, that’s the true meaning of Christmas and I’m proud my kids are learning that in such a fun way.”

As the house is such a hit with their kids Paul Liptrot, seven, Zack Liptrot, five, and Grace Liptrot, two, Dayna said they will now keep putting up the lights every year.


But their home shines so bright that it attracts attention from far and wide and people have even been known to visit the street just to see the Christmas lights, gathering outside for photos.