Life Video

By Katy Gill

This heart-warming compilation shows a grandma with Alzheimer’s meeting her granddaughter for the ‘first time’ repeatedly.

When Christine Stone gave birth to her first biological child Sadie Mae on October 11, mum Setsuko Harmon visited just four hours afterwards.

Pic from Caters News

Unaware the newborn is her flesh and blood, the 77-year-old breaks out in a huge grin and coos that she is ‘so cute’ while gently patting her head.

Only moments later, Setsuko is handed Sadie Mae but has to be reminded she is her granddaughter leading her to break out into a massive smile again.

Shot over two days when Christine, 39, returns home to Florence, South Carolina, USA, the new grandma is constantly pleasantly surprised when she meets the precious baby.

Christine said: “Mom loves Sadie, but still doesn’t remember that she is my daughter and her granddaughter.

“Every time she sees her she gets a big smile and wants to hold her and constantly says she is ‘soooo cute’.

“She has sung Sadie a childhood song that she used to sing to me as a child as well in Japanese.”

Pic from Caters News

Christine, who is also stepmother to husband Brad’s two children, says her mum first started showing signs of Alzheimer’s nine years ago.

As a result, Setsuko’s short-term memory is affected so she forgets she has eaten, where the bathroom is and asks questions over and over again.

Devoted daughter Christine helps look after her mum at the weekend, to help relieve pressure on dad Bob, who looks after Setsuko 24 hours a day.

Christine said: “On delivery day mom and dad both wanted to be there.

Pic from Caters News

“Dad said that on delivery day, she got up, dressed herself and said she was ready to go.

“She remembered I was having a baby.

“And she never dresses herself, so this was amazing.

“Mom was so excited to meet Sadie and she still is every time she sees her.”