Life Video

By Ben Walley 

That’s one way untag yourself – as this doctor cut away a woman’s unwanted skin.

While many of us think of annoying tags as friends constantly bombarding us with Facebook posts, the lady’s neck was covered in bobbles of skin.

Fed up of the imperfections after many years, she decided to get the skin tags medically removed.

The patient visited Michael Lewis MD in Woodland Hills, California, to have the procedure.

Dr Lewis filmed the somewhat bloody procedure as he grabbed each tag with tweezers and then cut them off.

To stem the bleeding he then cauterised the wounds all around the neck before freezing the last few.

He said: “This lady came into my office to have multiple skin tags removed.

“She has had them for many years and were starting to irritate her so she came to me for help.

“Part of practice is treating lumps and bumps, and I have always enjoyed performing the procedures.”