Nature Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This is the bizarre moment a woman woke up to thick snowfall in the South African countryside as summer approaches.

Holidaymaker Barbara Colonna was stunned when she woke up to a white blanket outside her bedroom at St Bernard’s Park in Swartberg, South Africa.

From the warmth of her window, the 64-year-old captured a thick layer of powder covering the roofs of cars and cottages as well as on the trees outside her room.

As the southern hemisphere country enters its summer, temperatures usually reach 18C, but up to 10cm of snow is thought to have fallen in some areas.

Barbara, from Durban, South Africa, said: “It was totally amazing to open my curtains to a white wonderland.

“Heavy snow is extremely unusual at this time of year as it is the summer.

“I certainly wasn’t prepared for it to be chilly, so I haven’t been outside to make a snowman.

“I’ve just stayed inside to warm my frozen fingers up with some coffee.”

South Africa has been gripped in a drought for most of 2017 after two successive dry winters and some of the lowest rainfall in recent decades.