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By Kirstie Sutheran

Three inventive brothers have created a huge beer drinking syringe after struggling to drink from plastic cups at pool parties.

Brandon Sirian, alongside his brothers, Justin and Ryan, invented the ‘Bier stick’ – a long funnel that enables beer to be shot directly into your mouth.

PIC FROM Caters News

It all started when Brandon and his brothers were studying at college and they discovered a small toy at a poolside that would suck up water and shoot it out.

And after taking the small device to parties, they soon discovered how popular a well invented beer stick could be.

Brandon from Chicago, US, said: “One day we had a party in the local college pool and there was a small pool toy that would suck up water and shoot it out.

“Being the ingenious college men that we were, decided to suck up a beer out of a cup and shoot it across the pool deck into our mouths.

“Back then, it was just a joke to drink beer with our buds a little faster and in a different way than the old timers with a tube and funnel.

“But once we brought the device around to parties, people wanted to know where they could buy one.

PIC FROM Caters News

“That’s when we knew we had something that could possibly change the drinking world.

“Once we saw the market was there for this type of product ,we started brainstorming on how we get a product like this to the market.

“The idea of the Bierstick began to develop many years ago, but it remained an idea.

“It was not until November 2014 when Bierstick officially became a company.”

The success of Beirstick has grown each year and Brandon, Justin and Ryan hope the business will continue to be a success.

He said: “We have tripled our sales every year so far.

“After the launch of the Bierstick we have heard all kinds of crazy stories from our customers.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Everything from ‘life of the party’ to ‘the only American drinking machinery that is needed.’

“Because we are business minded people we are always looking for that next great thing. We just need the next A-ha moment.

“What we learned from creating Bierstick is that the A-ha moment can come at any time, even if it is drinking a brew poolside.”