Video Viral

By Ben Walley 

A driver in Lincoln captured footage of a man appearing to throw himself on to his car bonnet as he drove through a zebra crossing.

The driver crosses the stop line at a zebra crossing in Stonebow, Lincoln just as the lights turn amber.

As the driver comes to a stop, a man then jumps on his bonnet, in what the driver thinks could be an insurance scam.

The man crossing the road then hurls expletives at the driver and bangs on his window.

The driver said: “I know that I went through the lights as they turned amber, but it would have been too dangerous to stop as the person behind me may have not had enough time to brake.

“The guy, who was clearly drunk, then purposefully tries to jump on my bonnet.

“It’s a good job that I wasn’t going fast, and I’m glad that I had a dashcam to record it.

“The man then retaliated with verbal abuse and swore at me, and told me to shut my mouth and move.

“I think it’s shocking that he would try and do this, and then continue to abuse me in such a way.”