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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

An adorable kangaroo hand-reared with a family dog now believes she is a puppy – and doesn’t even recognise her own breed.

One-year-old Jess loves eating dog biscuits and playing with her best friend, farm dog Charlie, seven, and the pair sleep together every night.

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Owners Marissa Mahon, 46, and partner Phillip Mahon, 36, have raised Jess since she was a joey after she was discovered still alive in her dead mother’s pouch in nearby bushland.

The couple, who run a farm stay in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, are now convinced Jess doesn’t realise she is a roo and instead thinks she’s a dog.

Mum-of-three Marissa said: “Charlie and Jess are absolutely inseparable.

“They’re always together and wherever one goes, the other will follow.

“If Charlie walks over somewhere, Jess will be beside him hopping along and Charlie is always looking back to see where Jess is.

“Jess doesn’t know she’s a kangaroo, I think we need to give her a mirror.

Freshwater Creek Cottages / Caters News

“We’ve had hundreds of other wild kangaroos that have come bounding over to the house and Jess isn’t interested in them at all.

“She will eat dog biscuits, drinks water out of the dog’s water dish and will roll over onto her back for a belly rub. It’s hilarious.

“The bond that our dog Charlie and her have is just beautiful, it warms my heart.

“It is so beautiful and just goes to show that anyone can love and be loved.”

Freshwater Creek Cottages / Caters News

Now Jess is fully-grown, she has the freedom to hop away into the bush any time she likes.

But Marissa said the roo is very attached to her family and she does not see her leaving them any time soon.

Instead, she lives the life of any other Australian farm dog – playing in the yard, eating dog biscuits, taking naps and getting cuddles from her humans.

And cheeky Jess even fights with Charlie for Phillip’s attention – as seen in adorable footage filmed by Marissa.

The mum-of-three added: “Charlie is a very gentle, calm and intuitive dog.

Freshwater Creek Cottages / Caters News

“He and Jess fight for Phillip’s attention though, whenever Jess sees Phil she will stand up on her tippy toes for a cuddle and then Charlie will come over whining to get a good pat as well.

“Jess is a real part of our family and we love her so much.

“When Phillip and I went to Europe for three weeks, we were more worried about leaving her than leaving the kids.”